25 Years and Growing

The Utz family’s history in the green industry is traceable back four generations, starting with First Name Utz as one of the original growers of Tyler Roses. As the oldest and largest commercial landscaper in Austin, Utz Environmental Services has been growing and beautifying Dallas and Central Texas since 1995.

Utz is a one-stop shop for design, ordinance compliance, construction, and maintenance for commercial and residential customers. With more than 120 employees across Texas, Utz provides reputable, satisfaction-guaranteed service, backed by successful projects such as Darrell K Royal Stadium at the University of Texas and Dell Diamond in Round Rock.

There aren’t enough nice things to say about Utz Environmental Services. From the sprinkler system to the lawn care, to the fabulous stone monument sign, I would never choose another landscape company.

- Judith Abbott, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House Mother

We chose Utz Environmental Services based on quality. We’ve been pleased with their work for years and we always refer people to them for installation, irrigation and maintenance.

- Eric Stanely, Executive Vice President, Yancey-Hausman Associates

Giving Back to Our Community

As a passionate fan of baseball, Chris fondly remembers his time on the diamond as a kid and how the team sport shaped his trajectory into adulthood. Not only is he inspired by the game, but also the clean lines of fresh cut grass on the field. Through Utz Environmental Services, Chris and his team have been able to give back to the baseball community with RBI Austin.

RBI Austin is a Christian-based non-profit organization with the mission of engaging and developing inner-city youth and families athletically, academically and spiritually in underserved parts of Austin. The program provides mentorship and also makes baseball and softball affordable for families regardless of age, skill level and personal life.

Utz Environmental is incredibly proud to be a partner and supporter of RBI Austin. Through its donation of time and services, Utz helps maintain and mow the fields, ensuring teams have a well-kept and special place to play baseball and softball.